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The Cycle Elopes. 30x42cm.jpg
The Mirror in the wood .jpg
Bandage the Earth.jpg
This is not a drill.jpg
Spiking, hacking, indenting thieving, slave owing Mark Donne_edited.jpg
Phone hacker
32nd December no thank you..
A Flipping Long Story.jpg
The Ropeswing.jpg
The Beacon.jpg
The Tape Gun.jpg
Breaking the web. watercolour on paper
Something Wyrd .jpg
Fire Alarm in the Rain
Cats cradle.jpg
Narcissus and Echo.
The Leopard.jpg
The Scar.jpg
The Scar (invisible wound).jpg
The snake, the pangolin and the acorn_
The shoal .jpg
A Silver Lining. Watercolour on birch bark.jpg
Up In The Air. Watercolour on birch bark_
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